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Graco Mark V PC

Graco Mark V PC TexSpray 16Y866
£3,900.00 incl VAT

Graco Mark V PC TexSpray has a list of feautures which makes it ideal for completing the task ahead, this machine delivers a higher flow rate that enables you to get the job done much faster. These are some of the feautres of the machine:

  • This machine has a brushless DC Motor which is MaxPower, this means that there is no need for changining of brushes which is therefore a saving in cost. The motor and some internal features are all in enclosed which is therefore protected.
  • A drive system which has the advantage of running quietly and therefore has a lifetime gurentee.
  • SmartControl 3.0 pressure control which offers consistent spray fan which helps with the pressure on this area, this machine also includes ProGuard technology.
  • Endurance Pump with Max Flo+ is a key feature on this machine, it is very durable and easy service desgin meaning the maintanence on this is minimal and easy to use.
  • The design of the cart is a chrome over steel which means the machine is very durable and tough and can last a good few years.
  • This design has a ceramic and stainless steel ball sets, this means that the machine provides its maximum versatility which wont be afftected with what is being sprayed.
  • There is an Easy Out Pump Filter, this means when changing or removing the filter there is much less spillage.
  • Heavy duty Pump Valve, is maintanence free desing which enables the machine to withstand dumping at high pressure.


  • Max Delivery - 5.1lpm (North American & UK Models)
  • Max Delivery - 4.5lpm (International Models)
  • Weight - 59KG
  • Max Tip Size - 0.039" (North American & UK Models)
  • Max Tip Size - 0.035" (International Models)
Products specifications
Machine Mobility Cart
Max tip size 39 Thou
Max tip size 35 Thou
Spray Type Airless
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An airless spray machine is ideal for large areas and for speedy application. Paint is pumped under pressure through a small tip that atomises it into a fan. Most professional machines are ideal for emulsion and masonry coatings, a higher specification machine can support more than one gun or even spray plaster. 

Used correctly airless is clean and fast, by adding attachments such as a power roller you can use your machine in more confined areas but still with increased speed and efficiency.

Airless spraying is 6 times faster than brush & roller so your investment can soon be paid back by savings in time.