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Graco ST Max II 495 PC Pro Stand 110V Sprayer

Grace ST Max II 465 Sprayer Pro Stand 110V
£1,794.00 incl VAT

Graco ST Max II 495 PC Pro Stand 110V Sprayer offer a greater performance and more technology to complete the tasks needed, this product will change to suit the needs you may need, for example if you are working on medium residential areas then it can adapt to those enviorments. 


This offers a simple way to change the easily on your own within 3 steps, these 3 steps are: 1) Loosen the clamping nut 2) Open door and remove Pump 3) Remove hose and suction pump.

Smart Control™ 2.5 with Fast Flus™

This machine has a digital display which shows the pressure, litres and hours. This has the function to offer the variable pressure settings, controlling spray fan and functionallity. 

This machine also has a system which offers a diagnostics providing error messages.

Fast Flush is a cleaning process which saves time when cleaning.

MaxPower Brushless DC Motor

This offers higher torque meaning that the job will get done at a quicker rate. This machine also has a brushless design meaning that there will not need to be brushes replaced. Totally enclosed design which has a fan that cools the internal elements of the motor from dirt, overspray and dust.

Easy-Out™ Pump Filter

ST Max II has a large area for filtering which then reduces the chance of tips clogging, the machine has a vertical design for the filters meaning it eliminates spillages.


This systems allows you to clean the machine up to 4 times faster than normal, when using only half the amount of water.


  • Max Delivery - 2.3lpm
  • Max Tip Size - 0.025"
  • Weight - 15kg
Products specifications
Max tip size 25 thou
Spray Type Airless
Machine Mobility Skid
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An airless spray machine is ideal for large areas and for speedy application. Paint is pumped under pressure through a small tip that atomises it into a fan. Most professional machines are ideal for emulsion and masonry coatings, a higher specification machine can support more than one gun or even spray plaster. 

Used correctly airless is clean and fast, by adding attachments such as a power roller you can use your machine in more confined areas but still with increased speed and efficiency.

Airless spraying is 6 times faster than brush & roller so your investment can soon be paid back by savings in time.