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Wagner Superfinish 23 Plus Emulsion Spraypack

Wagner Superfinish 23 Plus emulsion Spraypack Cart Version
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This powerful diaphragm pump is robust and, at the same time, easily handle, construction site and workshop unit. Equipped with QLS technology, they process a wide range of materials ranging from enamels and emulsions through to highly viscous materials.

The SF range uses diaphragm pump technology that has been designed to put less stress on components, therefore making them more efficient, extending service life and reducing maintenance costs.

All units come with a AG08 4 finger gun, 15m yellow hose and TradeTip3 517 tip.

3 year free servicing.

Products specifications
Machine Mobility Cart
Spray Type Airless
Max tip size 23 thou
Type of user Decorator
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An airless spray machine is ideal for large areas and for speedy application. Paint is pumped under pressure through a small tip that atomises it into a fan. Most professional machines are ideal for emulsion and masonry coatings, a higher specification machine can support more than one gun or even spray plaster. 

Used correctly airless is clean and fast, by adding attachments such as a power roller you can use your machine in more confined areas but still with increased speed and efficiency.

Airless spraying is 6 times faster than brush & roller so your investment can soon be paid back by savings in time.