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Wagner XVLP 3500 Hand Held Paint Spray System 240V

Wagner XVLP 3500 Hand Held Paint Spray System 240V
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The modular spraying system without compromise

Now also as a handheld

In collaboration with professional users, a new generation of turbines has been developed that does not compromise where quality, functionality and price-performance are concerned. This new technology covers a much wider spectrum than today’s HVLP technology, and it offers  the special Extra (X). Due to 60% higher air volume and  30% greater area coverage than other low-pressure devices the XVLP series shows a higher atomisation performance.   Using the WAGNER XVLP Spraying system (consisting of a turbine and various spraying attachments), means varnishes, standard lacquers, high-viscosity lacquers and water-based paints can all be processed in a quality that convinces the professionals.

Userfriendliness for everyone

Spraying is much simpler than you think! The compact handling and an distinctive fine spray pattern make the XVLP series by WAGNER a real alternative to paint brush and roller. You will love the simplified technology, which enables you to set up the main functions by hand in seconds only. Professionals who work so far with brush and roller and avoided the costs for a spraying device, as well as professionals who already work with a spraying device, will find a reliable partner in the FinishControl units.

The XVLP can be applied to many tasks, from trim finishes on radiators, spindles, doors or railings to small wall areas, coving, cornice etc. just by changing the front end. The XVLP is mains powered so a short battery life is not an issue and it weighs just 2.3kg so not too demanding on the hand, this does not include the paint in the pot.

Specifications for the handheld XVLP

  • Power input  -  700 watts
  • Atomisation performance  -  220 watts
  • Weight  -  2.3 kg
  • Capacity - 1000ml
Products specifications
Machine Mobility Handheld
Spray Type HVLP
Spray Type Airless
Suitable Tasks Cupboard Doors
Suitable Tasks Garden Furniture
Suitable Tasks Interior Trim
Suitable Tasks Fence panels
Suitable Tasks Decking
Type of user Decorator
Type of user Contractor
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An HVLP system is ideal for small area tasks such as; doors, radiators, staircase sticks, ornate coving, furniture, decking, louvre doors, kitchen cupboards.

HVLP is easy to use and clean up and can be used to spray both oil based products and water based finishes.