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Graco EasyMax WP2 Cordless Airless Sprayer

Graco EasyMax Wall Paint Cordless Sprayer
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The EasyMax Airless Paint Sprayer is a revolution in airless technology. There are two models available the EasyMax WP is designed for wall paints and the EasyMax FF is designed for trim finishes. This description refers to the WP2 version...

EasyMax has been designed specifically as a professional touch up and low volume application system to compliment your existing high production airless system. Why take your entire airless spray system back to site just to touch up a small area? Take a EasyMax instead! 

It's really portable and there's no power supply to find, simple to use, quick to prime, fast and easy to clean and most importantly provides a professional finish. The EasyMax uses Lithium Ion fast charge batteries, so there's no battery memory issues, it's supplied with two that when fully charged will enable you to apply approx. 6 litres of paint.

The EasyMax is perfect as:

  • Maintenance-sprayer to re-paint objects
  • Repair-sprayer for anti graffiti or to repair walls already sprayed before
  • Professional paint sprayer to spray small paint jobs up to maximum 50 square meters

The EasyMax has been designed to spray a wide range of European (Fine Finish) paints for interior and exterior and will be an ideal tool to spray rooms with different colour walls, ceilings, doors, radiators, cabinets, car ports, garden houses new or renovating furniture, fences, stairways, etc.

  • This Professional Airless Sprayer delivers a perfect quality finish just like any other Graco sprayer. It sprays most common interior and fine finish paints without dilution.
  • It's ultimate portability makes it very easy to move around on the job site or from one job-site to another.
  • You will be ready to spray paint in seconds. Fill the cup with paint, prime the sprayer and spray!


  • Max tip size  -  0.009"- 0.017"
  • Flow  -  Adjustable
  • Material & solvent compatability  -  Water based only
  • Max pressure  -  138 bar (2000 psi)
  • Battery  -  20V Lithium Ion
  • Length  -  33.6cm
  • Width  -  12.7cm
  • Height  -  33.9cm
  • Weight, complete  -  2.87kg
Products specifications
Machine Mobility Handheld
Spray Type Airless
Suitable Tasks Cupboard Doors
Suitable Tasks Garden Furniture
Suitable Tasks Interior Trim
Type of user Decorator
Type of user Contractor
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An airless spray machine is ideal for large areas and for speedy application. Paint is pumped under pressure through a small tip that atomises it into a fan. Most professional machines are ideal for emulsion and masonry coatings, a higher specification machine can support more than one gun or even spray plaster. 

Used correctly airless is clean and fast, by adding attachments such as a power roller you can use your machine in more confined areas but still with increased speed and efficiency.

Airless spraying is 6 times faster than brush & roller so your investment can soon be paid back by savings in time.