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Airless Pumps

An Airless sprayer uses a pump to push paint under pressure through a spray gun which is attached to the end of a hose. This means that spraying large areas is fast, efficient and clean. The ideal and most common paints to use with an airless machine are emulsion and masonry paint……you can also spray Acrylics and solvent based trim products, as well as preservers through an airless machine.


Choosing the right machine for your job!

Not all paints are the same thickness; thicker paints need a stronger machine to help pump the paint through. To help choose the right machine, they are rated using the size of hole in the tip that the pump can keep up with. The term ‘thou’ (short for thousandths of an inch) is the size of this hole. The larger the thou rating, the more output.


Our selection process in the left column will make it much easier to sort through the many machines we have on offer on this site but you can always give us a call, we are always delighted to help convert someone to spraying.

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